Rainy Days and…Thursdays!

Yeah, I know. Goofy title. But this has been a goofy kind of day, I’m really tired, and it’s my privilege to feel that way!

Let’s start at the beginning. I get in my car, and it starts raining. Well, we need the rain, but still, that’s not how I want to start my morning. I was already so very tired, because I worked late at home, couldn’t sleep, and when I finally did…Whoa! It’s six bells and time to rise! And Thursdays just are not my favorite day…because after all, it’s not FRIDAY!

So then, coffee in hand, off I go, in the rain. I don’t mind rain so much. I know it brings flowers in May, and it raises our water tables, and it washes my car…sort of! But it also causes splashes on my clean clothes, my shoes get wet and that’s miserable, and in February it gets cold when it rains. I really do not like ANY of THAT!

Well, I’m sitting at my desk and realizing just how tired I am, and I’m wondering how I’m going to survive the day. I work in a hospital, and have my own office. I was contemplating closing the door and curling up on the floor, using my somewhat still wet coat as a pillow, when lo and behold, I have a visitor! Saved by the sanity of another person!  The great thing is I like this lady! So I spent a few minutes visiting with her, she leaves, and I realize I’m feeling some better. So I do my work diligently…yes, that’s what I said, D I L I G E N T L Y!  Which means I buckle down and get it done, and get it done right, to my own satisfaction. Which also makes me feel ALOT better! Then I get another visitor, who tells me some things that are not good news. So now, after he leaves, I’m feeling pretty down again. And to compound the whole thing, my hubby calls with some not so great news after his doctor’s appointment this morning. Nothing serious, but just more information that I was wishing I hadn’t heard.

Now, this is not my usual way to spend my day. I love my job, and I love the folks I work with. So for me to be feeling like this is not the norm. I’m thinking this very same thing when I spot my little flip devotional, and I see the words, ‘When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.’ These words are from Psalm 94:19.

I realized I was wandering around, lost in the mire of my own indecision and  feeling sorry for myself, when I could have been doing what God has told me over and over again to do when I am down. GO TO HIS WORD! Yes, that is where the consolation is. And I know it! Everywhere I look in Psalms, and in so many other places, there are the Words of Life,  the Words of Breath, the Words of His great love for me. He says He is my strength, my rock, my shield, my defender. He will give me rest when I am weary. He lifts me up when I am down, and He covers me with His mighty wings.

My mood changes quickly. I knew I was not being the good Christian girl I was brought up to be, once again. I was Plain Jane the Cry Baby Girl. I mean that I was plain…thinking only of myself. I was crying in my soup (if I’d had some!) and I was being a big baby about the whole day up to that point.

But I could see, once again, many times over, that even when it rains and I get splashed on, when people bring their worries and problems on me, when my body is too tired to care about much of anything, well, that is when I see my Saviour, right here beside me, holding my hand and wiping my tears. He is the God of Restoration, and He knows me better than anybody, even myself. He knows how to comfort me, and how to gently chastise me about remembering Who He Is and who I am….the daughter of the Most High God!

You can do this too. You can learn the same lessons as me, if you will just trust in Him to lead you and guide you. Get into His word. And come to meet Him face to face. He is God. And He loves YOU!

So….I guess rainy days and THURSDAYS are not so very bad after all!



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