Tired of Hearing the Negative? Then BE Positive!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to hear the negative all the time. It seems like day in and day out that’s all we hear when we tune in to the TV, or the radio, or even a lot of the movies now that are full of it.

I was raised to respect one another, and each others property, opinions, and religion. If someone dressed differently, was from a foreign country, or had a speech impediment, I had always been taught to be patient and kind.  My mother would have slapped me simple if I had ever bullied someone, or even just picked on them once in a while. I never sent nasty notes to others, or told lies about someone. I never set out to completely destroy another human being’s reputation, their family, or their living. But I know many who have.

I want to feel happy every day! Yes, I want to dance and skip and laugh and just smile continually, and feel safe and warm and loved. I know, that’s silly, and if I tried any of those things I would most likely pass out from the effort. But it’s a nice thought, and I so like nice thoughts!

I guess I am saying that I am tired of hearing one set of people putting another set of people down. The reasons are usually so minor in importance that it amazes me.  I admit to being a staunch conservative, even though I do pride myself on having an open mind, but at the same time I have my standards as well. And I won’t violate them. I won’t compromise them. Sometimes I have difficulty defending them, but defend them I will. But I will listen to the other side, be respectful of the person speaking, and then may offer my opinion of the subject being discussed. All the time, I try to be gentle and again, that word, respectful. But I must say, even being that way has not stopped someone else from belittling me for my beliefs. And there lies the problem.

Somehow our country, our culture, our society, has lost its gentleness, its tolerance, it’s willingness to let us agree to disagree. Where at one time we were known as the great melting pot of ideas and the like, now we are ostracized if we dare to voice our opinions in some circles. And there is nothing I hate more than to have to skirt an issue, or ‘walk on ice’ around certain people.

When God put us here on this earth, He gave the command to go forth, multiply and have dominion over the earth, the fowl of the air, and just about everything else. He gave us life, the world we live in, and all of our resources. We have all we could hope for. Then why are so many people so very miserable? Why do they have what appears to be that natural need to lash out at those whose ideas differ from theirs?

Because they are looking for satisfaction, and they are looking for it from the world. Like that old country song, they are ‘looking for love in all the wrong places.’  They fail to see that the world cannot give them what they want. They are still struggling, still searching, and still discontented. They may have beautiful homes, wealth, neat toys, all kinds of luxuries and no money worries, but somehow that is just not quite enough.

True Christians, on the other hand, while many do not have wealth and the very best in material goods, have something else. They have the Holy Spirit of the Living God residing in their hearts. They have a God who loves them more than can be described in human words. They have hope, they have provision, they have life eternal. They have every thing a human being really needs. The Bible is full of the promises of God. He does not hold them back from us. He delivers all that He promises. He is our portion, He is our defender, He is the author of our faith, and our salvation.

So, when faced with the negativity that is so rampant these days, let’s respond back in love, with smiles and laughter, and with dancing and skipping, and with joyful hearts. Because we are to be the salt of the earth, and if we are that, then we will be sharing Jesus simply by loving and living as He did…with great joy, with great expectation, with great results. Others will not be able to resist us when we are sincere, real, true to our calling.

The Power of Positive thinking…no, I don’t pretend to be a reader of the book, but I do know the Book that is the most positive of all! The Holy Bible. If you’ve read the end of the book, how can you be anything BUT positive? Smile, and change the world!



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