Happy to Just Be!

My mom and I are leaving in the a.m. to travel east for a visit with family and friends. We have been planning this trip, just her and I, since last fall. It may be the last real opportunity for a time such as this, with my mom, I mean. So I am really excited about it.

Mom is from New Jersey. And I can remember how I used to go there to spend long, lazy, but fun, summers with my grandparents and other family. My daddy and Mom would pack up and go, and quite often we would spend alot of time at the Jersey Shore.

Most of those relatives are gone now. But the great times and memories live on. And I have been considering for the last couple of years how these things from our past may just be a way for God to bless us, to have good things from our lives to hold onto. So helpful when we face difficult days. And so comforting when we are in the winter of our lives.

So, I realize that here is another reason why I am continually grateful to God that I am, indeed, just happy to BE!



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