Today Is The Day! May 21, 2011

They say today is the DAY! The LORD Jesus will part the clouds like a scroll, and we, His faithful, will be called home. Some have quit their jobs to travel with this group to hold signs and preach about end times.

I say, enough is enough. I’ll not listen to any man or woman who teaches this. The Bible tells us, ‘But of that day and hour no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.’ (Matt 24:36) God has promised signs and wonders, particular events to be fulfilled, and we will know this much…the time is near.

And I believe it certainly is. He may come back today…but He may not. What is important is that we be ready, as individuals, and as the church, the unblemished Bride of Christ. So live today as you would any day, hopefully for God’s purposes, for there are many who are NOT ready, and who will not meet Jesus in the air in the blink of an eye.

And do not live in fear of the DAY, for it is not fear that we should have…it should be a grateful anticipation, for on that DAY we will be delivered from all trials and tribulations and the cares of this world. And we will be forevermore in the presence of our Holy God.

I just pray we do all we can do to make sure others will be with us as we go to our Heavenly Home on that DAY. That joyous DAY! Blessings!

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