What’s Up With The Weather?

What difference does it make, you say? Well, to a lot of folk, it makes ALL the difference!

We have recently seen tons of storms, in the southeast, in the midwest, even in Texas. It seems like there is no place that is safe from the severe thunderstorms, tornado’s, and flooding. There has been catastrophic loss of life and property. Lovely towns have been demolished, homes destroyed, businesses that once employed many simply gone. And the people left behind are asking…why?

No one really knows. I have heard the expert weather people explaining why, citing different storm systems, air masses, wind streams, etc. Not that I understand any of it. No way! But I also know that what we are seeing is not normal. Not for our country. Not for places outside of the commonly known areas called ‘Tornado Alley’.  Now it seems nowhere is safe. But is there a reason?

Could it be that prophesy is coming true? Doesn’t the Bible tell us that in the end times there will be earthquakes and severe storms? Isn’t that one of the signs that was promised to believers? Well, yes, it could very well be that. It could indeed be that what God has told us through the ages is right here before us. And why should that bother us?

We naturally do not want anyone to suffer as they are from these storms. We do not wish for loss of life, nor of property, nor of entire towns. The pictures we see do not make us joyful. And when we can, most of us will do what we can to help out, to donate, to provide the things these people no longer have access too…clean water, shelter, clothes, personal items. Many will join with groups to go and help rebuild.

So, could that be part of what’s behind this? Kick starting us into action? Showing us that we must always be ready to serve, to help, to lend a hand? Showing us that it is what Jesus did, serve others in time of need, in times of trouble, in times of the unknown? Yes, it very well could be the reason.   But there could be more…

We very well may be on the brink of witnessing the most stupendous event in history…the second coming of Christ. Oh, stop it now, don’t start with that ‘she must be a fanatic’ or ‘she’s a nutcase’ stuff! I know it sounds far-fetched. But does it really? What about all the signs and wonders, the events that were prophesied in the Bible, all the things that have been accomplished until there is …nothing more that needs to be done?

Israel is on the same brink, with all that is coming against them right now. As it has all through their tumultuous history. Now they are being told to give up their land, once again. There are constant threats to their safety and security, all around their borders. They are attacked regularly, both politically and physically. And doesn’t the Bible also tell us that he who curses Israel shall also be cursed?

I have put these thoughts together for two reasons. One is to remind us that others around us suffer, and it could just as easily be us. So we need to reach out and help and support those affected, in whatever way we can. Secondly, the reality is that the time for Jesus to return is indeed not too far away. No, we will not know the day or the hour. Nor do we need to. We need to just be ready. And we also need to keep on serving the LORD Jesus right up to that ‘blink of an eye’ event. In that way we will have an impact on others, creating a harvest of souls Heaven bound, which is what He commanded us to do while He was still walking on this old earth.

So, it’s just food for thought…I thought I just heard thunder…is that wind?



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  1. LIL, I enjoyed the article. You just backed up what I have been thinking is happening with all of the storms and the distruction. I’m enjoying being able to read your blogs. Keep on writing.

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