‘For I know the Plans I Have for You.’

Tonight the second grandaughter graduates from high school. So we are traveling the six hour long journey to be there or be square!

It’s always super wonderful when one of your own children graduates, but there is something extra special about a grandkid doing it. And it is equally special to be included in the ceremony and all the accompanying festivities.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with all of this celebrating, it would be wrong to forget how this all came about, and who made it all possible. Yes, it is God. Jesus, the One and Only. The Father in Heaven. The Creator. The Holy Spirit. Simply put, our God.

Many kids don’t make it out of high school. Well, they get out, just not by graduating. And alot of those statistics show a lack of support in the home. Absent parents and poverty also play a large part in this. However, none of these factors, other than the absent parent issue, have to be an obstacle to a child’s academic success. If loved on and nurtured, cared for and given moral support, any child can walk the stage and receive their diploma.

Another important point…many kids who do overcome the odds tend to either have personal faith, or are mentored by someone who does. God is always at the core of true success.

So when we take the time to celebrate this milestone in a childs life let us remember to celebrate God too, and thank Him that He has the ultimate plan for all our lives. As He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, He already does know the plans He has for us. And He never plans to harm us, but to prosper us.

It is up to us to take what God has given us, our talents and abilities, develope them, and use them for His glory, and for our own pathway of life. Give praise to Him today for His love.



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