Have Your Toes Been Stepped On Today?

Mine have!  First thing this morning. My hubby and I are staying in a hotel, visiting family after a graduation last night. So while having coffee in our room I was reading my devotional. And God got me right where I live! 

The devotional was all about judging others. Being critical. Finding fault. Making myself feel better because someone else messes up.

Guilty as charged!  ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’ Jesus knew what we do. So He spent a fair amount of time during His ministry teaching on this, usually by example.

He ate dinner with a tax collector, perish the thought. He allowed a not-so-ladylike woman to pour oil on His feet and wipe it off with her hair. He chose disciples from among everyday, run of the mill sinners. What was He thinking?

He was thinking of His love for them. He placed value on each one. And He knew their hearts.

No human is perfect. And never will there be a man or woman on this earth who will be. But Jesus will always be perfect. Yet He  gives us opportunities to shine, to stand up and be counted, to accomplish much in His name. The talented and those who are not are equal in His eyes.

So, next time I make fun of someone who does not dress quite how I think she should be dressed, or dismiss a person’s importance because they don’t think like me, or simply because I’m jealous of them (yes, I have those bones too! ), I pray I will repent to the Father, ask Him to forgive me, and to help me in this sin. Because we are overcomers in Christ Jesus.

So today my toes are sore, and I am broken…I am right where I should be, and I intend to stay here!  Praise be to He who reveals His truth through the power of His Word!



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One response to “Have Your Toes Been Stepped On Today?

  1. Peete Bowen

    Boy, did I need this today. Thanks. We can’t be reminded too many times.

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