Memorial Day…Cookouts or Thanks?

With all the parades, car and bike shows, cookouts and family activities, we may forget what this day really signifies…our freedoms gained by sacrfice.

This world does not want us to have all we enjoy here in the good old U S of A. It’s smply a fact. Despite the fact that thousands of immigrants cross over our very open borders each and every day, looking for freedom and a better standard of living, many people in other countries, and many of our very own citizens, hate that we have won our independence and our liberties through war. Much has been gained and preserved by our peacekeeping too, but sometimes it has been the necessity of military action that has kept us free.

God gave the Land of Milk and Honey to the Iraelites. He sent them to go, spy out the land. And there were giants there, and many were afraid to take the land, not believing God would help them win. But Joshua and Caleb and others did it, they believed, and God was faithful.

God is no different today. We still look to Him as the ultimate source of our freedom, and for the protection of our homes, and our land. Yes, we try to be peacekeepers first, but when that time is over, then our brave and courageous step forth to keep that which is ours by God’s hand.

So today, in the midst of celebration and revelry, remember those who have gone before us, and those who go today, holding our God, and our flag, before them. And take the time to remember, pray for,and thank all of them. For their courage, for their steadfastness, for their sacrifice.

I am an Army Mom, and a very proud one!  My sons Mike and Chris Barnhart have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, both with two tours. They may be called on to do so again. And are ready and willing.

I want to make mention of two sons of other moms, Jake Carroll, whose mom is my friend Cole Masear, and Jacob Carver, whose mom I do not know. Jake and Jacob were best friends serving together in Afghanistan. Both gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, and our country, on November 13, 2010. Wonderful sons, courageous warriors, blessed children of God.

Give thanks, praise God, and remember that you are free, and why you are, on this day, Memorial Day, 2011.



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  1. I thank every military person that is serving our country and their families for the sacrifices they make each and everyday.

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