The LORD Looks At The Heart

‘The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.’

1 Samuel 16:7 (NIV)

   As a leader, do you sometimes find you have issues with your perspective? Do you see or hear something and then simply ‘jump in’

 with both feet, and then later realize you have made a complete mess of a situation, simply because you lacked…perspective?

   It really is all about perspective. What does it look like, what is it, how does it affect others, how does it affect me? What does God

 think about it?

   Unfortunately, we don’t often stop to consider these things. We have an impression, a thought, a feeling, and we are off and running.

We are either critical of someone else, or we have feelings of despair, or we are in a state of euphoria. And then later…we find it was not

what we thought it was. 

   Too late! Words may have already been said, deeds done, thoughts put into actual actions. Feelings may have been hurt, opportunities

 may have been lost, money (yes, even money!) may have been forfeited or gained, and all because of a lack of perspective, or because

 of ‘instant’ perspective. 

   But if we would follow what God has told us in the scripture above, and think on it before leaping, our perspective may be more like

His. And if we are a believer, a follower of Jesus, is that not what we are to do, be more like Him? 

   We should be very thankful that God looks at hearts, not appearances. We all have thoughts, we all do things, that we should be

 ashamed of. But because of the blood of Jesus, we need not be concerned. We are washed clean upon confession and repentance. 

   But does that mean we have a free pass? No! Of course not. While God continually has mercy towards us, we still have the responsiblity

 to do the best we can, to be the best we can be, to do all we are supposed to do, for His Kingdom, for Him, for ourselves. 

   So take the time to look at everything differently. This can be from the way the dog wakes you up before you are ready, to a criticism a

 co-worker lays on you. It can be words your spouse says, or it can be in a child’s actions. It may be a sermon you hear, but remember,

 it can be from praise given to you as well. But listen, think, step back, and remember the words from this verse from 1  Samuel…look at

the  heart. The appearance may not be what it appears to be. You may find it is, but still you have used wisdom and grace in making sure

you do not act before truly looking. Allow God to lead you in this. It may not be easy, but it is surely worth the time and effort.

   As I have ministered to women in different ways, I have often fallen down in perspective. It’s a learning process, but one that should

 be accomplished easily. Because if we are truly following the LORD’s lead, then we obviously want to do what He would do in our shoes.

And being ready and willing to simply stand still and consider what we see, and what God sees, and then treat that person as we would

wish to be treated, is all He is asking of us. And this IS what Jesus would do. It is a matter of perspective!


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