Miracles Are All Around

‘Miracles are all around, within our sight and touch and sound, proclaiming to all doubting men, that in God all things live again.’ Helen Steiner Rice 

She is my favorite poet, writer, woman of substance, purveyor of God’s love. And what she has written simply must touch God’s heart. I find purity of spirit and love, towards God and towards mankind, in her words. 

Miracles are all around us. Always and forever, God will be working them. He does not do them on ‘command’, but by His wisdom and mercy. He knows when a miracle will benefit His purposes. He knows when one will truly benefit us. 

We don’t all get our miracle. Not the miracle we envision. But even if we do not get it, in a real and tangible way, God is still in whatever that circumstance is. The real miracle is that He IS our God, and that He works all the time for our good. He does not withhold a miracle because we’ve been ‘bad’, or because we haven’t prayed in just the right way. He takes that miracle and changes it, ever so slightly, to fit what He knows is the right way, the way that will make the most of the situation, the way that one day we will see, and recognize it for what it is…the will of God. 

We sometimes do get our miracle, and in just the way we wanted it. God knows our hearts, and He knows if giving us the miracle we ask for is what is required to achieve His purposes, which, remember, includes what is best for us. When we pray for a loved one to survive an illness or injury, the miracle may not look like what we asked for. It may be that God wants that person to be with Him. He may have something in Heaven that this person is ready to take on. Remember, we will be working in Heaven too, not like work here, but in service, praise and worship. So God may have your loved one’s mansion complete and ready for occupancy. 

Or God may show off and do amazing healings. In this way He may touch one who does not know Him, or who scoffs at the thought of a real God. Lives are changed by miracles, not only for those who have received it, but for those who have observed them. 

In essence, God does still do miracles. He is the Miracle Worker. He is the God of mercy, joy, and love. So give Him praise, and don’t stop asking for your miracle. It may come when you least expect it, and though it may be packaged differently than you picture it, it will nonetheless be stupendous and magnificent, because it will come from the LORD your God! 



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