Were The Angels There?

For the past few days I have been thinking about angels a lot.  Not necessarily because they are messengers of God. Not because they protect us day in and day out from dangers we know nothing of.  And not because I know they fight battles for us in the Heavenly places on a regular basis.

I’ve been thinking about them because of my disobedience.

You see, I lost my former sister-in-law early Friday morning. She had suffered with cancer for several years. I did not know until recently how serious it was. At one time she and I were very, very close, and I loved her still, although I had not seen her for over 15 years.

Last summer I called her, after recently obtaining her phone number. And we talked at length, and had a few more phone conversations after that. I promised to go and see her when I was in her state the next time. It happened that I was there the same summer, and I made an appointment to go to her home and visit. But when I got there, family things got in the way, or rather, I know now, I allowed them to get in the way. And I never made it to see her.

You see, I knew very well that God had told me to go and witness to her. Yes, He did. And I also was sure she was not saved. So while I was still home, in my comfort zone, I was zealous about it. But when I got to within reach of her, I did not follow through. I called her, I spoke with her, but I did not go. And she was not one you could talk about God with on the telephone. I needed to do it in person. I needed to give her hope, and peace, and the will to keep on. I needed to do what God wanted me to do. But I didn’t.

I always had it in the back of my mind that I would still make it there in time. I really did not know that the cancers would take her life so quickly. I received a text message from her daughter early this week that she was in the hospice home. That she had wanted to go there, because her husband was abusing her, even while she was dying of cancer. She had always had such a difficult life, from childhood and beyond, and I knew she didn’t trust most people. But I also knew she trusted me. And I let her down in the most terrible way.

So all this week, knowing it was too late to do anything for Marie, other than pray for her, I spent lots of time encouraging her daughter, Tina. She would text me about things that were going on, her mom’s condition, how some of the family was acting, etc. And I would give her scripture, and tell her I would pray, and that she needed to ask Jesus for strength. I said all the right things. But all the while, the guilt had settled on my shoulders. Marie was not going to heaven because of my disobedience.

Now, I realize God does not punish others because of our mistakes. I have asked Him to forgive me, and I know He has. Now I pray that someone else went in my place, and that she had received Jesus in her heart. I want to know I will see her again one day. I also know that God doesn’t need another person to same someone He has chosen. He can speak to the heart of that person right up to the final breath. I am trusting Him completely in this situation. Because I know He is trustworthy.

The lesson is to not wait. Don’t sit on your hands, don’t put off what can be done right now, when it comes to sharing the message of Jesus. The Gospel of Christ is God’s perfect plan. If I am not willing to share it, then am I ashamed of it? No, I am just afraid of failure. We often feel if we don’t have that gift of evangelism, that we can’t tell others of what God has done in our lives. Poppycock! That is exactly what we should share. God does great things for us when we are saved, and when we compare our lives before salvation to what it has become due to Jesus, then what greater impact can we have for the cause of Christ?

So, back to the angels. I believe God uses angels in lots of different ways, even, perhaps, to help them see Him, and Who He is. So I am now wondering if the angels were there at Marie’s passing. Did they escort her from this life to the next? Was she delivered to Jesus after they received her spirit? Did angels make her way smooth, easy, painless, and quick? How did she leave? My prayer, my hope, is that she had received Jesus at some point, regardless of my disobedience, and that she traveled on angel wings to her mansion in that golden city of light,  and she is now resting in great splendor, safe, protected, loved, finally happy at last.

Were the angels there? Will they be there for the next person I have an opportunity to witness to? What about the person you will have a divine appointment with? Make sure you don’t put it off. Share Jesus today. Share Him with love and compassion, and with truth. Then let Him, and His angels, do the rest.



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