The LORD Has A Plan

‘The LORD works out everything for His own ends.’ Proverbs 16:4

It is our natural bent that we go traipsing through our day with our minds made up to do what we want to do, what we need to get done, and with the people we choose to spend our time with. We use appointment books to pencil in our errands, parties, and maybe even our church time. We make list after list for grocery shopping, things to do, people to call or see, etc, etc, etc. We over plan our lives even with the best of intentions. Trying to fit everything in, we often fail miserably, and wear ourselves out in the process.

As God’s people we should not have to worry about these things. Yes, we need to plan our days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. But we should not become slaves to a schedule. It is a piece of paper, a note in a book, a text on our phones. It can be changed, deleted, the alarm turned off. If it is our own schedule, then we have the right to change it or do away with it. We need to learn to prioritize, and then schedule or list only those things that really are necessary.

I shouldn’t need to write down that I need to do my laundry today. I don’t need a computer to tell me to turn the dishwasher on. I know when I need a shower, or that I have to go to the store today. I have the sense to remember when church is, and if I am working, I sort of think I should know when and where.

I find that the only time I really need to make an appointment or write a list out is when it is something out of the ordinary, or things that I don’t want to forget to purchase today. Now, of course, if you are planning an event, then of course you may need to create some kind of schedule or list, one that you can mark a matter as ‘done’, a task completed.  But for everyday things, our common sense should prevail.

I’ve heard many people say they are list makers. They simply can’t function without one. I say, yes you can!

God has the greatest plan for you, and you don’t need to schedule an appointment for it, or make a list to do it today. All you need to do is say yes. He will implement that plan, and do a work in you that will not take too much time, yet will take all your time. But you don’t need to worry about that time. It is unending.

The things God wants to do supersede the things we think are important. So take His plan, and allow Him to control your day, your activities, your events. Let Him be the ultimate ‘Event Planner’!  He has purposes we can’t understand, certainly, but His purposes should become our purposes. We should be willing to abide by what He plans, what He wants, what He knows we can do in His timing. God works all things out, indeed, and His will always is done.  Nobody can plan like He can!







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