Thought For Today…I Question God (07/16/2011)

I question God every day. Why, why, why? But then I hear His quiet voice murmuring, ‘It’s alright, My child. For I am with you to the end of the age.’
What a comfort! What a God! (Lili Richey Willard, Facebook, 07/16/2011)

Why do I do this? Why would I dare to question the most powerful being in the entire universe?

Because I’m me. Because sometimes I can’t see straight. Often I make wrong decisions. And a lot of the time, I know people think I’m a total dork and make no sense. Because I am a human being, a woman, and I find my self-confidence just isn’t always there. Just because I am who I am.

Thank God that He is always Who He is! He is the same today as He was yesterday, and as He will be tomorrow. And because of that, I know without a doubt that His mercies are new every single day. His forgiveness towards me, His daughter, is no different today than it was yesterday. Yes, I can mess up every single day in a big way, yet still He will forgive me for the asking.

You notice, no doubt, my use of the word ‘day’ several times over, either on its own, or in a combination. I didn’t intend it; it  just happened. But as I write this I believe God is reminding me, and hopefully you too, that each and every day is the day that the LORD has made, and we should rejoice and be glad in it. No matter that I have questions that I can’t answer. No difference that I can’t believe what an idiot I can be. No consequences when I ask and cry out, beg, borrow, steal to get God to help me to change the things I can’t stand about myself. A day is a day is a day is a day. And it comes only from Him and His grace towards us.

Does this truth mean that I should just charge through life with no regard to what I do or say, or whose feelings I may inadvertently trample on, or without a stitch of God-given wisdom in my decisions? NO! He holds us to a standard, and we should make it a high one. We should each of us try to measure up to His teachings in how we should live our lives on this earth. How can we call ourselves Christians if we live like everyone else?

The wonderful thing about all of this is that while even on days that we are most diligent to keep God’s concepts and plans for our lives, we may very well still mess up, yet His love is ours still. His forgiveness is still offered. His lifting up of our heads is still in force. His very special touch of grace on us is never, ever, retracted, for any reason. He is the ultimate Father.

So, I will most likely go on questioning Him, but I think it is not just to do it, but perhaps it is to hear that sweet, gentle voice of His in my wayward ear. I want to hear Him. I want to know He thinks of  me and talks to me. I want to hear Him, so He can hear me say, ‘Thank You, my Father.’






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