Enjoy the Day and Have … Fun!

Don’t you just love to have fun? I know I do. Can’t get enough of it. With work, chores, errands to run, demands on my time by other people, fun can be a rarity for long spells.

However, fun can come in many shapes and sizes, and the packaging is often very deceiving. For instance, I have found that an hour of good reading can be…fun!  Or cleaning my kitchen till it is sparkling and shining can also be…fun!  Watching an old  romantic movie that makes me laugh or cry, or both…is always…fun!   Popping popcorn is…fun!  Talking on the telephone with an old friend is…fun!

Anything that takes us out of our day can be labeled as fun. A change of pace, a moment of laughter, a deep breath of fresh air…all of these are forms of fun. Fun doesn’t always have to be grandiose plans that take alot of time and money. It really can be the little things that are often the fun things.

God has seen fit to bless us with so many opportunities for refreshment, for fun. He believes that laughter is good medicine. It is good for the soul. There is no doubt in my mind that this is indeed true.  Just one more way that our God shows He cares for us, by giving us the gift of laughter, of…fun!

So today make sure you do enjoy your day. Whether sitting at a desk in an office, providing medical care, or digging a ditch…you can make your own moments of respite, of joy, of…fun!



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