‘He who earnestly seeks good finds favor, but trouble will come to him who seeks evil.’ Proverbs 11:27

Does this mean that God will never allow anything bad to happen to us? Are we ‘ultra’ protected? Does God single out those of us who are good for ‘special’ treatment?

Of course not! We know that God is not a respecter of persons. We also know, from His very own word, that He is always the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And even more…we are, none of us, good.

So what does this little verse mean to us, then, as Christians?

We know God wants us to spend time with Him. He treasures our prayers, our speaking His word back to Him, and our thoughts of Him. He wants to fellowship with us. He doesn’t ‘need’ us, but He ‘wants’ us.

Just as we parents love our children the same, we sometimes will show them favor in certain circumstances. This favor simply serves to show our individual love for one of them, rather than the ‘corporate’ love for all of them. There is nothing wrong with that favor, as long as it is used properly, and not to show favoritism, which is something God frowns upon.

So, in essence, this is what the favor of God is. It is a very personal way to show His love for us. I know He has done this for me many times. I will even ask for His favor in some situations. For example, if I have a business dealing that may have some difficulties for me, I will pray first, and ask for God’s favor. He never withholds it; I will see it in the result, no matter how that result turns out.

Or when dealing with another person in a personal matter, when I need to say something but don’t want what I say to be taken incorrectly. I will ask God to smooth the way, and then I feel that special peace. His peace.

There is no reason why we should not ask for the favor of God. If our own parents were willing to do that for us, our heavenly Parent is so much more willing. If we are asking with clean hands and a pure heart, and not seeking to do harm, or for evil things to satisfy our wicked flesh, then why would God not wish to hear our request?

Ask in faith. And remember that just like answering our prayers, we may not always see what we think we should get. But we will see God’s favor in some measure, because for Him that is a special blessing for those He dearly loves.



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