A Season of Discontent

Discontent dries up the soul. – – Elisabeth Elliot

If anyone had the right to feel discontent, it was Elisabeth Elliot. Several years ago I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador on a mission trip. For some reason I grew up with a fascination for that country, and had read about and heard about Mrs Elliot and her husband, Jim. Knowing I was going there, I poured myself into the Elliot’s story.They answered the call of God and went to Ecuador’s jungle, to touch the natives there, and to share their faith. During the first real contact with them, Jim and his fellow missionaries were killed by the very people they came to serve. Elisabeth was left with a small daughter, and the other wives and families of the men who died with Jim.

When following God, we tend to feel like if we are in His will, and if we are pure in heart and intent in whatever we are doing, then nothing bad can happen to us. All of our emotional needs will be met. That simply is not true. However, while He may not always provide physical protection, He will provide comfort, the ability to heal, the inner desire to rise up and start over. Jim had died doing what he had been called to do. Elisabeth knew this, as she had been called as well. So she did that, she got up and got going, and went on with the work they had gone to Ecuador to do, and what a magnificant legacy they both have left to this world. The very ones who killed the missionaries became Christians! And the faith is still spreading there today.

Discontent will ruin a persons heart. It brings defeat, loneliness, bitterness, feelings of rejection and worthlessness. These are not from God, but from the enemy. But if we will pray when we know we are in a season of discontent, and ask God to deliver us from it, and to help us rise up to meet whatever challenges lay ahead of us, He will do so. We will start moving, going, doing. And God’s will is going to be accomplished.



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