Integrity and Truth Can Be Hard

The real test of integrity is being willing to tell the truth when it’s hard. — From 100 days of Prayer for Women

I can think of many times when someone asked me to tell them something that I knew,if I answered them truthfully, could cause either they or someone else hurt. It didn’t matter if it was my deal, or from somebody else. If the truth is coming from your own lips, and it is not a pleasant truth, then it is hard, hard, hard. Many times it is better to not say anything at all, but then you are pressed still, because you are withholding the truth. In a way this is dishonesty. This is where we must trust God, pray and ask for His wisdom, and use whatever discernment He chooses to grant us for that moment.

We should never tell a lie. Ever. But that does not mean we should divulge every single thing we know either. Some things are not ours to tell. If that happens, if you are asked to tell something that is somebody elses business, then if you do you are partaking in gossip. But letting them know the REAL truth, that it is not yours or their business, is difficult, but the right thing to do. Yet, if you see a wrong, and have the opportunity to speak to it, do, but do it to the right person. Don’t tell it to a third-party. Go to the person involved in faith and love, take the time to do it right and gently, and honor God and that person with your honesty. Truthfulness is the right thing to do. No matter that it may be difficult, no matter that it may cost you. Some people lose a job opportunity because they choose to tell the truth. But some win in that situation because their integrity and honesty come through.

God will always honor us for truthfulness, when it is done in the spirit of love, when it is not for personal gain, and when we are following His ways.



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