Sad Days for The World

It’s not just sad for Americans…it’s sad for every people, every nation. It feels like the whole world is in chaos today.

However, we have a hope for the future. But it is up to us to bring this hope forward. This hope is called…Jesus.

We have lost four exemplary men this week. Men who served willingly, selflessly, men who died because they had a vision of peace. They saw a need, and they met it head on. And that is what is so sad. They died helping the very people they were trying to make life better for.

Does this mean we should all stop doing service to others? Have they died in vain? Not if the American spirit prevails. And even more so if we march forward in Christian love.

We can make a difference. Kindness can interrupt anger, even in those who are zealous. Continued caring attitudes can break down the walls that come between peoples, and religions, even when they are extreme.

Jesus said that if we do for another person, a drink of water, clothing, a meal, anything of service, then we have done it as if it was for Him. And it is. In response, He will make our paths straight, and He will bless our work, when it is done in His name.

So take heart, America. These are frightening times, but we knew they were coming. The Bible tells us so. And it tells us that God is our defender, our redeemer, our help in times of trouble.

So believe, put away the fear, and step forward and honor God with your service to others.

Just a little bit of love makes this world a better place.



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