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Freelance writer of devotionals and Christian articles, I am amazed by the power of God's Word, and am blessed to be able to express my thoughts and experiences by His grace. Happily married and living in North Carolina, I am really a Yankee in disguise, but love the southern experience. I have a large family, am a military mom and am also a tickled pink grandma! Blessings!
‘May every heart and every home continue through the year
To feel the warmth and wonder of this season of good cheer.’
Helen Steiner Rice
My favorite poetess hit it right on! This is my wish for you. No matter your circumstances, no matter your financial picture, no matter the ups and downs you face, look up, and give praise. What a difference our Savior makes in our lives. If we would just remember this, and let our hearts smile and be happy, this world would be impacted for Christ with joy and thanksgiving so much more. Jesus is indeed the reason for the season. And He is living today, and tomorrow, and forever more. He is the warmth and wonder that lives within us. Let’s show Him to everyone around us!

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Kind words have echoes that last a lifetime & beyond. — From 100 days of Prayer for Women.

Think about your words. Don’t rush with a criticism or harsh word, no matter the circumstance. Our words are powerful, and can either encourage or kill a person’s spirit. Weigh the meaning & tone & make a difference for an outcome that brings blessing rather than anger or hurt.

Be blessed!

From Living Water Daily Devotionals by Lili Richey Willard



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Sad Days for The World

It’s not just sad for Americans…it’s sad for every people, every nation. It feels like the whole world is in chaos today.

However, we have a hope for the future. But it is up to us to bring this hope forward. This hope is called…Jesus.

We have lost four exemplary men this week. Men who served willingly, selflessly, men who died because they had a vision of peace. They saw a need, and they met it head on. And that is what is so sad. They died helping the very people they were trying to make life better for.

Does this mean we should all stop doing service to others? Have they died in vain? Not if the American spirit prevails. And even more so if we march forward in Christian love.

We can make a difference. Kindness can interrupt anger, even in those who are zealous. Continued caring attitudes can break down the walls that come between peoples, and religions, even when they are extreme.

Jesus said that if we do for another person, a drink of water, clothing, a meal, anything of service, then we have done it as if it was for Him. And it is. In response, He will make our paths straight, and He will bless our work, when it is done in His name.

So take heart, America. These are frightening times, but we knew they were coming. The Bible tells us so. And it tells us that God is our defender, our redeemer, our help in times of trouble.

So believe, put away the fear, and step forward and honor God with your service to others.

Just a little bit of love makes this world a better place.


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Arise, LORD!

Do you ever wonder just where God is? Is He missing in action when you need Him most? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s YOU who is missing in action! Could it be?

Many times it is. It is with me as well. We get in messes and expect God to clean them up. We make our own beds, then refuse to sleep in them. And because He is our Father, and we know He loves us, and we also know the promises He has made to His children, then we think it is His responsibility to ‘fix it’.

Consider this: Perhaps it is not that He should fix things for us, but that we should take the responsibility to look after ourselves. Yes, that’s right. We might just need to step up to the plate, put the toast in the toaster, turn the light on the top floor on. It might be that we are supposed to be filled with integrity, not impropriety. We should display wisdom, not foolishness. We are to be willing to pay the piper for the mistakes we make, the ones that if we were paying attention, or taking our time to consider them, or praying about them before we do them, that we probably would not have made them at all.

Yes, God is our provider, our healer, our everything. And yes, He places His angels around us for our protection and guidance, and He wants us to come to Him with our concerns and troubles. But He also wants praise. He wants what any father wants…His children to show Him love, respect, and gratitude.

So step back, think about it, and quit complaining when things don’t work out the way you think they should. God is still in your corner, but He would like you to show that you can take what He has given you to figure out what steps you should take to get out of that corner, on your own. Give Him praise always, in the good and the bad. And never, ever take Him for granted. For we have been blessed to be called His children.

‘Arise, LORD! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless.’ Psalm 10:12

Are we ‘the helpless’? Sometimes, yes. But God did not expect us to be so. He has equipped us to be able to stand on His word, to share it, and to show His Son to the world. We are the salt and the light of the world, and He is with us always. How, then, could we ever consider ourselves helpless?

Arise, O my LORD!





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Kindness Is For Today!

Lili Richey Willard, Christian Blogger, Devotional Writer

When someone does a kindness

It always seems to me

That’s the way God up in Heaven
Would like us all to be.’  Helen Steiner Rice
Make kindness a part of WHO you are, not just what you do. Jesus was kind, even when He was hanging on the cross.
There is a thief who saw His smile just before he died. He is in Heaven today. Show your smile, and have joy as you do so.

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Is God Really Here With Us?

‘Come near to God and He will come near to you.’  James 4:8

Yes, God is really here! He is Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’. He is the author and finisher of our faith, He is our deliverer, and our defender. He is our Champion, He is our Lion of Judah. He IS.

One only need look at nature to see God. He is everywhere. He is everything. He made the butterfly, from an ugly cocoon. He grows roses, lovely roses, from tiny buds. He blows a gentle breeze that touches our faces on a summer’s evening. He fills our world with sights, and sounds, and scents, too many to begin to count. He dazzles us with the mountains and the oceans. He simply dazzles.

If you can’t feel Him, that does not mean He is not here. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. If you know Him, you know that His words are true. God is not a man; He cannot lie. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is God.

Open your mind, your heart, yes, even your eyes, and you will see Him, and His glory, mercy, grace. All is here for you. Read His words, and find understanding, solace, peace, refreshment. Come to know Him intimately, and you will automatically fall in love with Him.

I know…for I did.






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If God Be for Us? — Christian Blogs | Everyday Christian

If God Be for Us? — Christian Blogs | Everyday Christian.

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The Great Commission

I would rather be somewhere on the mission field, in God’s will, than safe at home, out of His will. All Christians should have a heart for missions, local or abroad, for it is Jesus Himself who said, ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…’ (Matthew 28: 19-20). Remember, the mission field is wherever we are, all the time.


(A One Minute Devotional from Lili Richey Willard, Christian Blogger, Devotional Writer/

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Faith: Something to Believe In — Christian Blogs | Everyday Christian

Faith: Something to Believe In — Christian Blogs | Everyday Christian.

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