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Why Am I Drifting Away???

I seem to be having a time of it lately.  I can’t seem to concentrate, my focus is way out in space, and I literally find my mind wandering, and wandering, and wandering.  I have even had the occasional flitter of worry that I might be suffering from early dementia, since my mom is now in a nursing home precisely for that reason.  But then I realize that I am creating some of my own problems, by simply being…too busy.

I have created my own misery.  I have volunteered for too many things, I have taken on more responsibility in early every place I am a participant in, and I allow my work to overwhelm me too, too often.  My mind just cannot handle all these things. Then add to that all the family and life problems, all the places we have to go to and the activities we are supposed to be involved in, and my days, nights, weekends, are all shot to pieces.

I no longer have common sense. For instance, I am typing on a brand new laptop my hubs got me for Christmas.  I have long been wanting one, just for my writing. So I have not had time for over a month now, to really sit down and work with it, to get it set up the way I want it.  I did initially do some set up, but during that set up I was required to set up a new gmail account, which would supposedly be what would be my ID to run the computer.  Little did I know that new account would hijack my old one, making my other blog inaccessible to me…until tonight.

When I realized what had happened I attempted to delete the newer account and use the older one. What happened was that some of the information from the new one remained, and I lost connectivity to the settings and profile on the blog. I can pull it up and I can access all the blogs, but I cannot do anything else. Woe is me.  So I went to the forum and put a question on there about my profile issues, and suddenly saw that a bunch of other folks had the same issue.  So are we all drifting away?

I hope this one issue can be fixed. WordPress doesn’t work the way that other blog does, for which I am grateful. But it is an example of not thinking before acting, of having too much junk in my head to use common sense.

Ok, I feel somewhat better now, having vented to you good people.  Please forgive my rants, and stay tuned, because it looks like I will be moving my old blog to this site soon.  I will let you know so you can follow that one too!

God is still in control, still on His throne, and I am very happy about that, let me tell you!  He will stop my drifting if I will just let Him!  Perhaps He has a better idea of how I can handle my issues, and how I can avoid many of them to begin with!



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