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‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.’ Ecclesiastes 3:1. As I grow older, the truth of this statement becomes clearer, and creates an excitement about my future. Our lives are not meant to be stagnant, never-changing. Instead they are to be like the seasons, gradually evolving, bringing their own beauty and blessings to maturity. God uses these seasons …of our lives to show us His glory, to grow us in spirit and faith, and to give us fresh perspective when we move from one to the other. We will have many beginnings, and many endings. In between, we will experience joys and sorrows, trials and victories. And each time we move on, we will be stronger, more trusting of God, and sensing the purposes He has designed for each of us. So, no matter which season you are currently living in, search, find, enjoy all the adventure, possibilities, and blessing that awaits you. Even in the midst of difficulties, we will find the good if we will seek Him, trust Him, and live for Him. And with the good, comes wisdom, knowledge, and strength. Blessings!

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